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Ceramic Creative Center(C.C.C.)

Ceramic Creative Center(C.C.C.), which is run by Clayarch Gimhae Museum, is the only professional ceramic studio in Korea. It provides visual artists in the field of architecture, ceramics, design, painting, sculpture, etc. with comfortable space and convenience so that they can focus on ceramic arts or architectural ceramics.

The C.C.C. actively supports artists at home and abroad by enabling them to share and experience fresh thoughts and technologies and to engage in creative and experimental activities. Further, the center encourages the formation of proactive network among participating artists. Such network will facilitate the fusion among different genres, which will ultimately contribute to brighter and sustainable development and creative evolution of architectural ceramics and other areas of ceramics.

The programs of the C.C.C. will be operated in connection with the exhibition, academic and education events, international exchange, and architectural projects that are run by Clayarch Gimhae Museum. With the participation of artists, curators, critics, and visitors, our programs, including open studio, artist research seminar, education and experience program, and architectural project will enable free exchange of ideas on culture, environment, and architectural ceramics.

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