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The Ceramic Creative Center has various facilities for experimentation, research and art making, including woodwork/ironwork, plaster, kiln, glazing and materials rooms. In particular, the Ceramic Creative Center has 4 lube gas kiln for large artworks 2 lube gas kiln and three different kinds of electric kiln. The 3rd floor, which has a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside, has guest rooms for artists and a multi-purpose space for seminars.

Facility Overview
  • Plottage

    Total 41,952㎡
    _ Included Museum

  • Building Area

    Total 2,281㎡ _ First Basement 170㎡, First Floor 957㎡, Second Floor 567㎡, Third Floor 586㎡

  • Major Facilities

    Studio1·2, Kiln & Glazing Room, Laboratory Woodwork & Ironwork Room, Modeling Room etc.

  • Other Facilities

    13 Guest Rooms(10 Single Rooms, 3 Double Rooms) Artist Support Room, Restaurant, Storage, Parking Lot etc.

Facilities on Building Floor
  • 1F
  • 2F
  • 3F
  • 1F Areas

  • 1F Laboratory

  • 1F Woodwork & Ironwork Room

  • 1F Studio1

  • 1F Kiln & Glazing Room

  • 1Laboratory (97㎡)

    Clay Vacuum Extruder, Roller Crusher, Clay Mixer, Electric Mixer, Electric Scale, Mortar etc.

  • 2Woodwork & Ironwork Room (66㎡)

    Cutting Machine, Angle Cutting Machine, Grinder, Air Gun, Electric Drill, Movable Air Compressors etc.

  • 3Studio1 (328㎡, for Short-term Artists)

    Worktable, Shelves, Chair, Sink

  • 4Kiln & Glazing Room (227㎡)

    2 Gas Kilns, 3 Electric Kilns, Glazing Spray Booth, Sink

  • 2F Areas

  • 2F Restaurant

  • 2F Studio2

  • 2F Modeling Room

  • 1Restaurant (97㎡)

    Water Purifier , Table, Chair, Refrigerator, Freezer, Kitchen Counter, Electric Rice Cooker, Sink etc.

  • 2Studio2 (107㎡, for Long-term Artists)

    Worktable, Shelves, Chair, Sink

  • 3Modeling Room (168㎡)

    Spinning Wheel, Plaster Dryer, Slip Agitator, Sink

  • 3F Areas

  • 3F Guest Rooms

  • 3F Lounge

  • 3F Artist Support Room

  • 3F Lounge

  • 1Guest Rooms (298㎡)

    10 Single Rooms(20㎡ each), 3 Double Rooms(30㎡ each), Bed, Refrigerator, Closet, Drawer, Shower etc.

  • 2Artist Support Room (60㎡)

  • 3Lounge (107㎡)

    Kitchen Counter, Inverter, Kettle, Sink, Chair, 2 Washing Machines etc.