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The works worked on during the residence period will be presented to the public.

Art Talk

Introduce works and hold a networking venue for exchanges with resident artists, experts, and researchers.

Artist Exchange

Through partnerships with overseas ceramic-related organizations, we provide opportunities for artists to exchange and move in.

Domestic Residency Exchange Program

Through partnerships with domestic residents, we hold artist exchange or collaboration programs.

1:1 Critic Match

The studio matches 1:1 critics suitable for each artist's work and provides review articles as a result.

Academic Events

Holds a variety of lectures necessary for work activities.

Open Studios

The studio opens to the general public for exchange and communicate.


We publish and promote an annual collection of materials that record one year's achievements.

Programs for Local Residents

The studio is an open cultural facility in the region and contributes to the development of local culture by developing and operating various art programs such as public art projects and educational programs.