ClayArch is a compound that signifies the coaltition of Clay and Architecture

The Clayarch Gimhae Museum leads the field of architectural ceramics. There are none in this caliber that combines ceramics with architecture. The name signifies its role as 'clay' stands for ceramics and 'arch' for architecture. The museum integrates science with art, education and industry as the leading organization for ceramics and architecture.

Clay as a medium has infinite possibilities and it has contributed significantly to the progress and development of human society in the past. Therefore continued research and development, on both the aesthetical and material qualities, is important. Furthermore architecture is a scientific technology that helps to improve the lives of human beings, by creating more beautiful and convenient living spaces. New advancement and development in architectural materials in correlation to the development of technology, reflects time and culture making today's architecture an art form.

It is most appropriate that ceramics should integrate with architecture as the two fields compliment one another: through architecture new possibilities in ceramics can be further explored and developed, while through ceramics architecture can experiment with new aesthetical expressions simultaneously as discovering more about its materialistic qualities. The two areas can generate interesting ideas and possibilities as they harmonize effectively together.

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The Clayarch Cycle

Clayarch Gimhae Museum established the Clayarch Cycle to spread the word to the general public in an attempt to develop culture and art. The theory is the basis in operating Clayarch Gimhae Museum and it will be reflected in the projects operated by the museum.

Industrialization first started in the UK from the mid-eighteenth century and it has continued until today but for a long time it remained monolithic. Among the standards relating to well-being, 'humane' and 'natural' conceptions are more and more valued, clay is an environmentally friendly material, which attracts public interest, again for this reason it is most appropriate as an architectural material.

Clayarch Gimhae Museum is a special museum for architectural ceramic, and will be the mediator between art and human. Artists will make active efforts to present and promote public culture, space and life through art. However, such efforts would be meaningless without economical support. Therefore industry should support art and art should encourage the production of artistic objects. Clayarch Gimhae Museum will be an intermediator so that culture can be favorably circulated.