The museum as hub and bridge

Clayarch Gimhae Museumwas founded to give a new, contemporary, and industrial interpretation to the local ceramic tradition of Gimhae, the site of the historic development of the beautiful clay art of Gaya and of Joseon-era buncheong ware. The mission of Clayarch Gimhae Museum is to embrace the traditional and the contemporary to forge connectionsbetween ceramics and architecture, art and industry, and pure art and applied arts; and to induce exchange between this region and the world. Our mission involves:

  • Engaging in specialized activities such as exhibitions, workshops, collecting, preservation, academic research, and artist support programs, towards attaining artistic, academic, and scientific achievements in the field of architectural ceramics
  • Offering exhibitions, education, and experiential programs that are intellectually and emotionally gratifying to members of the museum and local community and that develop and nurture the sensibilities of children and youth
  • Exploring the wide range of possibilities that can be generated through the conjunction of architectural ceramics and industry, and producing healthy and aesthetically-sound environmental change through the rediscovery of the eco-friendly materials of clay and ceramics
  • Promoting exchange at the national level, and further at the global level, based on the specialized discipline of architecturalceramics, thereby helping to elevate the profile of the region and energize local tourism and culture


A Leader in the Development of Architectural Ceramics

Seeking to discover the future innovative value of ceramic arts in relation to architecture, Clayarch Gimhae Museum is committed to leading the development of architectural ceramics. The pluralism and principles of convergence in today’s society are reflected in this vision, which strives to overcome the boundaries of any single field in order to pursue novel forms of creativity, showing a harmonious convergence between disparate genres.

Recovering intrinsic human values through culture and art

As Korean society has placed the highest priority on economic growth and efficiency, the collapse of intrinsic human values has brought on a social malaise. To recover our humanity, Clayarch Gimhae Museum seeks to heal and soothe this malaise, helping to create a happy society for one and all.